Do not make excessive love make you a victim of Obsessive love disorder

It is said that the foundation of all relationships in this world is love and the world is moving based on this love but what happens when this love turns into passion and the relationship becomes a burden. A similar situation is Obsessive love disorder where you become obsessed or obsessed with a person whom you love. In this passion, you become overprotective for him or try to assert excessive authority over him. In such a situation the person is unable to accept the failure or rejection and feels an extremely obsessive desire to get it.
Do not make excessive love make you a victim of Obsessive love disorder
Do not make excessive love make you a victim of Obsessive love disorder

In such a situation, he cannot live without seeing or talking to his love every day because most of his time is spent on these thoughts.

Healthy Relationship is usually associated with commitment and respect for each other's needs. Unfortunately, people with obsessive love do not understand this and are completely unable to handle any kind of rejection and are overwhelmed by the obsessive desire to keep their lover close to them. The feelings one experiences when in love, such as mutual respect, trust, and security, are transformed into feelings of jealousy, insecurity, and resentment due to obsession. In such a situation, if they are rejected, they may get hurt, go into depression or kill themselves and others.

There are many such examples that we see around us or through the news. In such a situation, it is necessary to know about the symptoms of this passion of love at the right time.

Symptoms of obsessive love disorder? - Symptoms of obsessive love disorder
Symptoms of OLD include:
  • The extreme attraction for a person
  • Obsessive thoughts about the person
  • Feeling the need to "protect" the person you love
  • Extreme jealousy
  • Occupy more
  • Making messages, emails and phone calls to boyfriend/girlfriend several times a day.
  • Peace of mind by talking to him
  • Get suspicious or angry
  • Due to this obsession, you have less interaction with friends or family members.
  • Monitoring the actions of her lover such as whom she interacts with or meets, etc.


Every person who is in a relationship with someone, has a relationship with a person, wants to live with him or want to live with him, then why is it that this love becomes an obsession for some people? According to psychologists, there are many reasons for this such as

Childhood trauma
The reasons for obsessive love can be seen in a person's childhood and early adolescence. Childhood abandonment, mental or physical abuse, neglectful behavior towards them, less love than siblings can lead to feelings of 'inferior' or ineligibility in a child. In such a situation, he tries to fill this void with the approval and love of another person.

Low Confidence
It has also been observed that people with low self-confidence usually develop a tendency to obsessive love. In such a situation, if a person is no longer a part of their life, they convince themselves that their return will automatically solve all their problems and they will be happy again. They thus, create an illusion for themselves and continue to grow away from the truth.
Alcoholic Families
Humans start to know about love from their childhood. If he sees a good relationship between the parents, then he also wants to grow up to be like them and the estrangement between parents develops an inferiority complex in him. Psychiatrists also believe that children from alcoholic families may be at greater risk of developing love disorder and addiction.

One main reason for obsessive love disorder is that person's Ego. Many people have a high sense of ego and they think of themselves as special or different, so when there is a failed relationship or according to them, the person is obsessed and wants to dominate and control the other. is.


The first and most important factor that needs to be understood before going into the treatment phase is that the person realizes that he is facing a problem and wants to change himself. After this, depending on the intensity of the disorder, different treatment options may be noted. Many steps can be taken in this direction like

Keep Your Distance
At least for a short time until these obsessive thoughts go away from your heart and mind, then it is important to give yourself space by keeping a distance from the relationship so that you can understand and overcome your emotions. It is not so easy but to get rid of any kind of addiction, it is necessary to keep a distance from it for some time. This is even better if done with mutual understanding.
Getaway from all the things that remind you of them. When consecutive reminders are taken away, it is easy to forget.

Join an Activity
The time when you miss your lover the most, change that time into an activity like sports, exercise, reading, drawing, painting, etc. This will help channelize your energy in the right direction and will also give you a sense of achievement.

Talk to Friends and Family
Spend more and more time with your family and friends. Go out with them, but share your problem only with those who think you are sensible and can give the right opinion. Often wrong suggestions also lead us astray.

Decide a goal or target for your life. Till you do not know the purpose of your life, negative thoughts and emotions will dominate you and self-confidence will also fall. As soon as you start moving forward to achieve your goal, all the other things will automatically follow.

If in spite of all this you are facing a problem then you should seek professional psychological help. For this, you can go to a psychologist or counselor so that your situation can be better understood and the right solution can be given. If you feel shy or hesitated to go out, you can chat with professional counselors at or take online counseling over the phone.

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