It is dangerous to use a mobile for more than 24 minutes, fertility can be affected

It is dangerous to use a mobile for more than 24 minutes, fertility can be affected

Radiations emanating from mobile and their towers are causing loss of fertility.

It is dangerous to use a mobile for more than 24 minutes, fertility can be affected
It is dangerous to use a mobile for more than 24 minutes, fertility can be affected

The fertility of people who talk on mobile or engage in chat throughout the day is being affected. All research has confirmed that radiation from mobiles and their towers reduces sperm count in men and reduces fertility in women. Not only this, but mobile radiation can also cause brain tumors.

What The Figures Say

  • Research by WHO revealed that there is a risk of cancer from mobile radiation.
  • Scientists in Hungary found that the number of young men who used cell phones too much reduced their sperm count.
  • According to research conducted in Germany, the probability of cancer among those who were living in the 400 meters area of ​​the transmitter antenna increased threefold. Transmission in an area of ​​400 meters is 100 times more than the rest of the area.
  • According to research conducted in Kerala, the commercial population of bees has fallen by 60% due to radiation from cell phone towers.
  • The cows that laid eggs near cell phone towers did not have children even after 30 days, which usually takes 10-14 days.
  • Interphone studies indicate that prolonged use of mobiles increases the risk of developing tumors.

Risks Of Radiation

Experts say that mobile radiation causes headaches, tingling in the head, persistent fatigue, dizziness, depression, sleepiness, eye discomfort, loss of attention, ringing in ears, hearing loss, memory loss, Digestive disturbances, irregular heartbeat, joint pain, etc. may occur. Some of these problems are definitely seen in people who use mobile continuously.

What Is Research Called

Research says that mobile radiation can also lead to loss of fertility, cancer, brain tumor and miscarriage after a long time. Actually, our body is 70 percent water. Up to 90 percent of the water in the brain is also there. This water gradually absorbs body radiation and is very harmful to health. According to the WHO report, there is a possibility of moving from mobile to cancer. Interphone study said that the use of mobile for half an hour or more every day increases the risk of brain tumors by 200-400% in 8-10 years.

  Types Of Radiation

Microwave radiation is caused by electromagnetic waves that have frequencies ranging from 1000 to 3000 MHz. Microwave ovens, ACs, wireless computers, cordless phones, and other wireless devices also produce radiation. But mobile radiation can prove to be the most dangerous due to the increasing use, proximity to the body and increasing number. Mobile radiation occurs in two ways, from mobile towers and mobile phones.

Women And Children Are At Greater Risk

Radiation is harmful to all but children, women, the elderly and patients may suffer more from it. The Food and Drug Administration of America says that children and adolescents should not spend much time on mobiles and use speakerphones or handsets so that the distance between the head and the mobile remains. Children and pregnant women should also avoid excessive use of mobile phones.

It Is Risky To Talk More Than 24 Minutes

Using a mobile phone for 24 minutes throughout the day is good for health. It is also important here what is the SAR value of your mobile? Talking less on phones of higher SAR values is more harmful than talking more on phones with lower SAR values. Using a landline phone for long-term conversations is an easy way to avoid radiation. It can also be understood that use landline phones in the office or home. Avoid using cordless phones.

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