Know what is leprosy, its causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention

Know what is leprosy, its causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention

Some diseases are such that if the person feels the physical pain then he also leaves the society along with him and he starts getting abused and wrong concepts are formed in the mind of the people for that. But if the patient is treated soon, then he can get rid of all these problems as well. One such disease is leprosy or 'Hansen disease'. So let us know what is leprosy and how to avoid it.
Know what is leprosy, its causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention
Know what is leprosy, its causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention


Leprosy is one of the most chronic diseases. It is also called 'Horse's Disease'. It is caused by a bacterium called mycobacteria lapri which makes a person very slow and its symptoms start appearing in 3 to 5 years. It is one of the deadliest diseases of the body. It mainly damages peripheral nerves (nerves outside the brain and spinal cord), skin, eyes and mucous membranes of the nose and throat. In this, the size of a person's body parts starts deteriorating.

The disease has been found in ancient China, Egypt, and India for centuries and the Bible has many descriptions of the disease. In many cultures, leprosy was believed to be a curse or punishment of the gods because they did not understand the disease. As a result, people were treated with leprosy by priests or sadhus, not by physicians. But now its treatment is possible.
In 1873, Dr. Hansen discovered the leprosy bacteria and reported for the first time that leprosy is an infectious disease, not a hereditary disease or the punishment of the gods. Only after this research could the treatment of this disease be possible today.
Leprosy is treated free of cost by the Government of India.


Experts say that this disease is more at risk of children than adults, so a person infected with this disease should be kept away from children. The World Health Organization says that the disease is very slow, which takes 3 to 5 years for the symptoms to appear and sometimes even 20 years. Yet its symptoms are as follows.
Muscle weakness.
The strange wound on the chest and it grows.
Skin spots and numbness of those spots
Dryness or thickening of the skin
Wounds and swelling under the feet.
Lump around the face.
Nasal enlargement
Blisters and rashes
Deterioration of body parts
Why does leprosy happen
Causes of Leprosy - Causes of Leprosy 
There is no doubt that leprosy affects one person from another. When a person infected with this disease sneaks or coughs, then the bacteria called Leprae gets into the surrounding air, although this disease is not considered to be more infectious, the person who always has the patient needs more attention. lives.


Leprosy is a disease spread all over the world, which is treated free from all over the world. In 1995, the World Health Organization created multidrug therapy to treat it, which was successful and also affects leprosy to a great extent. Apart from this, the disease can also be treated with antibiotics. This doctor decides which antibiotic to give to the patient. In these cases, the doctor can give more than one antibiotic to the patient at a time, although its treatment is also slow. This can last from several months to years.
Prevention of Leprosy - Prevention from Leprosy 
To avoid this disease, it is necessary to take some precautions like: -
Take its symptoms seriously
Start treatment as soon as you know
For a long time, do not stay with the infected person.
Always avoid injury and keep the wound clean.
Keep the children away from the infected person because the children come in a hurry.
Friends, leprosy is spreading disease, but if you take precautions, it is not so fatal, even though this disease is very old, fear and misconceptions about it still remain in the people. You can share this article with your colleagues and work to rectify the misconception of people. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions on this, you can write to us in the comment box.

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