Why are women more fit than men?

Why are women more fit than men?

Women are considered weaker than men. But according to recent research, women are more fit than men. Women take less time than men to enter workout mode. Oxygen consumption and shortness of breath are also less for women than men.

Why are women more fit than men?
Why are women more fit than men?

When it comes to fitness, the body of men starts appearing in everyone's mind. 
Even when doing workouts in the gym, you see the most men. The hobby of bodybuilding is also seen in men. But recent research has shown that women are more fit than men. If she does a workout for fitness, then her fitness level is much higher than men. The body of women is also considered very fragile and weak compared to men. But new research shows that when it comes to fitness level, women do much better. Let's know about research…

Why Are Women More Fit 

According to new research, women have a better body oxygen process than men. However, much previous research suggests that men have more chances due to their body texture, size, strength, and speed. But according to the new research published in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism, women are ready for fitness and performance quickly due to better oxygen process.

Ready For Workout Early 

According to research, women get ready for any workout quickly. That is, if someone has to prepare to run, then the performance of women is better than men.
This research has been done at the University of Waterloo. Walking on the treadmill was standardized in this research. Researchers noted during research how much oxygen is used by women compared to men.

Difference Between Oxygen Consumption And Breathing 

If any activity occurs, the communication of oxygen increases. Consumption of oxygen in the body is the standard of performance. According to research, it takes 45 seconds for men to enter workout mode. In contrast, women take only 30 seconds to enter the workout mode.
The body of women can quickly charge the muscles of the body with 30 percent oxygen. Women have less difficulty in breathing than men. Breathing is more common in men.

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