After all, why your health is not made?

Many people have problems with digestion, eat and have to go to the toilet, the stomach becomes full after eating. The complaint is that there are many accounts but their body does not feel and comes out in defecation, taking good nutrition but still not getting health. So, friends, this is the problem of your digestion, the digestive system to digest food in your body system is there and if the digestive system does not work properly, then you will take food but you will not get nutrition benefits, the body will not eat or drink, you will feel weakness, will eat and defecate. Whether you have to gain weight or muscle or lose weight, you need to strengthen your body's digestive system, it is very important to get nutrition to the body, it is very important to know why your digestive system is not working properly, why You don't feel like eating or drinking So friends, in this post we will talk about these reasons.

After all, why your health is not made?
After all, why your health is not made?


Good bacteria and bad bacteria are present in your stomach, intestines, and colon. Good bacteria present in your stomach play an important role in digestion, keeping the stomach healthy, strengthening the immune system, it helps break down food and removes the nutrition from which the body absorbs it. Also called probiotics. Although most bacteria are good, bad bacteria spread diseases, they attack and affect various organs of the body. Bad bacteria are eliminated by taking anti-biotics, but good bacteria are also affected by this. Anti-biotics, food, our hygiene methods affect our good bacteria and our good bacteria decrease, which affects our digestion. Therefore, it is necessary to add probiotics to your diet such as yogurt, Kefir, Buttermilk, Cultured Cottage Cheese. This will correct your digestion so that your food will be properly broken down and the body will feel its nutrition.


The first step of digestion is to chew food properly. Saliva and enzymes (saliva & amylase) in your mouth break down food and make it wet. This makes it easier to swallow food, later on, it makes the stomach easier to digest food. In the rush of quick betting, without chewing the food properly and eating fast, it increases the amount of digestion on the stomach. Due to which it takes time to digest, the food will remain in the stomach as much and it will take time to digest, gas and bloating. The more food you chew, the less acidity you are likely to eat, so chewing properly is important to digest food.
Excess of sugar in your food added sugar in your food
Aided sugar helps the bad bacteria, making digestion worse food breaks down slowly, results in flatulence, gas problems. High amounts of refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup increase inflammation in the body, which further affects digestion and invites many diseases. So if you are also taking a high amount of sugar and are struggling with problems like gas, indigestion, then it should be reduced.
Digestive enzyme deficiency deficiency of digestive enzymes
Enzymes are very important for our body, they are helpful in breaking down food and convert carbohydrates into sugar, proteins into amino acids, fat into fatty acids, which the body absorbs. Your body makes enzymes, they can also be obtained from foods and supplements. Due to their lack of food, the break down of food is slow, the body does not feel eaten or drank. For example, if the digestive enzyme deficiency does not change in the carb sugar, then the body will not get energy, due to which you will feel weak. Will eat food and exclude it if their quantity is increased in the body, digestion will work better and will be eaten and drunk. If you have problems with gas, acid reflux, indigestion, flatulence, you can take it after consulting a doctor.

Foods and habits causing indigestion foods and habits causing indigestion
Apart from this, fried, fried food takes time to digest, it is unhealthy food and also not good for digestion, besides consuming alcohol, drinking cold water after meals, overeating, after meals. Drinking too much water, smoking, consuming too much caffeine, not exercising affect the digestive system badly, making digestion slow, gas and bloating commonly. Improvement in such wrong habits will bring tremendous changes in your digestive system, you will feel right to drink food, diseases related to the stomach will go away and your face will also blossom. So your health is in your hands.

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