Keep special care of these things in periods

Friends, the richer the body is, the more complex its body is. Now take the person only. Human beings have the most complex body and among them also the most complex body is that of women. If seen, the body of women is more complex than that of men and the greater the complexity, the more problems will be there. This is the law of nature. Nature has given a cycle to women which are called menstruation or periods.
Keep special care of these things in periods
Keep special care of these things in periods


There are many reasons why nature tied women in this cycle of periods because whatever nature does, there is a big reason and purpose behind it. At the moment we will not talk about the reason in this. In this article we will talk about the problems faced with periods and their treatment.
Friends, everyone must know that periods bring with them many physical problems such as women having a headache, backache, abdominal cramps, fatigue, weakness, irritability, and paroxysm during periods. Swollen etc. All these physical problems have one reason. Decreased hemoglobin in the body i.e. decrease in blood volume.
According to medical science, the amount of hemoglobin in the body of women should be 13.5 g / dL but according to a research, less than 10 g / dL of hemoglobin has been found in the body of 95% of women in India and in some women it is less than 5 Was also found less.
In this research, it was also found that if the amount of hemoglobin in the body of women is 13.5, then they will be able to cut the periods coming every month properly.

What is hemoglobin - what is hemoglobin
Hemoglobin is an element present in the blood that acts as a means of circulating oxygen throughout the body. To keep the body healthy, all the organs need oxygen and if there is less hemoglobin in the body then oxygen cannot reach all the parts properly, the magnitude of which is seen by women during periods. A good way to get rid of all these problems during menstruation is to not let the amount of hemoglobin in the body decrease.
For that, we can do some household appliances or say that we can increase the amount of hemoglobin by changing our food and drink.


  • Due to a lack of folic acid in the body, the amount of hemoglobin decreases. To increase it, we should consume pulses, peas, cabbage, bananas, and almonds.
  • Lack of vitamin C in the body also reduces hemoglobin. For this, we should eat guava, orange, papaya, etc.
  • Raisins, almonds, and mass-fish are among the main sources of iron. This causes blood loss.
  • The deficiency of hemoglobin is overcome by the consumption of spinach, fenugreek, lentils, rice, millet, etc.
  • There is no deficiency of iron in the body even with regular use of pure honey.
  • Apart from this, the daily flow of blood remains in the body by exercising daily and every part of the body gets oxygen properly.

To avoid the ill effects of menstruation, the proper amount of hemoglobin is available in the body. Along with this, some things can reduce your pain like

Hot Water Bag - This hot water bag helps you a lot in reducing your pain during periods and it is much better than a pen killer.

Lavender Essential Oil - It has been found in many types of research that massaging with this oil has great benefits.
Loose clothes - In those days, instead of tight jeans or tight clothes, wear some clothes that are not too tight.

Menthol - Menthol reduces the pain of periods, so peppermint tea will give you a lot of relays.

So, friends, these are some important points that come to know what are the side effects of periods, why and why they can be avoided by completing the amount of hemoglobin in the body. We sincerely hope that this information will work for you. If you have any question, please put your point through the comment and share this article with your friends.

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