Know what are the causes, symptoms and treatment of alopecia areata (baldness)

Know what are the causes, symptoms, and treatment of alopecia areata (baldness)

Many times the hair fall of our head is normal, in which the hair gets weakened and breaks and starts to reduce gradually, but sometimes the hair of hair falls a little differently than normal, such as no hair in the head, ie without Hair spots appear in the head. This is a disease called Alopecia Areata / Alopecia Areata. In this article, we will learn about the symptoms and treatment due to Alopecia errata.

what are the causes, symptoms and treatment of alopecia areata (baldness)
what are the causes, symptoms, and treatment of alopecia areata (baldness)


Alopecia areata is a common problem associated with autoimmune disease, in which the hair of the head starts falling very rapidly and causes spots on the head. This problem arises when the immunity system attacks the hair of the head. He feels that head hair can harm our body and then releases a protein called autoantibody that attacks healthy cells. Due to which the hair of the head starts falling very fast, though it also comes again. The immune system usually protects against germs such as bacteria and viruses.

It has been seen in very few cases that the immunity system attacks not only the hair of the head but also the hair of the whole body. In this case, the entire body hair falls out. However, this disease can be easily avoided by timely treatment.


Alopecia is a disease associated with the immune system in which the white blood cell attacks the hair loss cell and by shrinking it also slows down the formation of hairs, although the disease mostly comes from a family member ie genetic or those whose Someone in the family has a disease like type 1 diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis.
Alopecia is the main cause of errata.
  • Genetic reasons
  • Type 1 diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis
  • Any infection in the head skin.
  • Side effects of cancer or blood pressure medications
  • Hot Hair Oil Treatment
  • Tension or depression
  • Diabetes medicine side effects
It is said that breaking 100 heads of hair in a day is common, but in this disease, hair does not grow as quickly as it breaks. That is, this cycle gets bad due to which spots are formed in the head.


The main symptom of Alopecia errata is the loss of hair on the head, which causes spots in the head. Apart from this, in many cases, full-body hair falls. You feel your broken hair on the pillow or while taking a bath and your hair becomes very thin. In men, hair starts falling between the front and middle of the head and in women, hair starts falling from the upper part of the head. Men can be completely bald in it but women are not completely bald.
Apart from this, there are some main symptoms of Alopecia errata which are like this.
  • To brush hair in the shape of a coin in the head.
  • The hair of the face means the shortening of the hair of the beard and eyelids.
  • The white line on the head
  • Baldness
  • White spots in the head
  • Nail thinning and breakage
  • Run out of nails
  • Be in the head
According to data, about 30% of the people are suffering from alopecia areata, which are either losing hair or showing baldness.


You will be happy to know that the treatment of Alopecia errata is possible, although it depends on the person because many people grow their hair again after breaking it, many people do not grow. In such a situation, the doctors review the patient after seeing it and check the empty space in the head.

Scalp biopsy
In this, doctors do a biopsy of the skin and find out if there is any fungal infection in the skin. In a scalp biopsy, we take a piece of mass from the head and analyze it.

Blood test
If there is any disease related to immunity, the doctor recommends a blood test. Blood tests reveal that there is an antibody in the blood that is making the immune system sick.

Medical treatment
Special treatment of the patient is done in medical treatment. The patient is given medicine to apply on the skin of the head and then something to eat. If the hair breaks due to iron and zinc in the body, then medicine is given to fill their deficiency.

Therapy for alopecia areata in English
There are many therapies available for the treatment of Alopecia areata such as: -

Herbal supplements
All this therapy protects hair from breaking up, you can take treatment of any therapy according to your convenience.

Prevention of alopecia areata - Prevention from alopecia areata 
This is a big question, what should we do to not be a victim of baldness. So let us tell you that if someone in your house has alopecia areata before and you are also seeing its symptoms, then there is no defense to it, that is, if you are genetic then you can not try any way of avoiding it. And if no one is in your house and you are seeing its symptoms, then you can avoid it by taking some precautions like

  • Do not tie the hair to a tie. Do not make any hairstyle that causes hair to tie.
  • Do not try to curl hair too much and curl at all.
  • Apply shampoo with a light hand and apply henna with a soft brush.
  • Do not take medicines that cause hair loss.
  • Do not apply hot oil on hair.
  • Protect hair from sunlight and ultraviolet rays.
Alopecia areata i.e., baldness has become a common disease nowadays. By knowing about it, you can avoid it, however, even if the disease is genetic, it can be easily treated so that the hair of your next generation can be good. I hope you like this information and you will definitely share it with your colleagues who are facing this problem.
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