You must have heard that phrase of English during your schools.

When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when a character is lost, all is lost. - When Billy Graham

lost money, nothing was lost; When health is lost, something is lost; When the character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham

This idiom means that even if all your money is lost or taken away, it will not be as tragic as the suffering will worsen. Health is an invaluable fund after which it cannot be found by losing anything.

Just think about the situation when you have a lot of money, infinite facilities, but you do not have enough health to use that money or you are not healthy enough to survive till that money is spent.

Respected audience, this is a frightening fantasy, but it is not just a fantasy. It can and does happen. People spend their entire lives in the running of the world, but when they get the benefit of that race, by then they are sick, so much of the ill is left out of this benefit.

Actually, it is not his fault. All the blame here is our own. We have got this body for free, no matter how poor, no matter how rich, everyone gets equal physical ability and strength.

But for how long the physical capacity will remain, it depends on the work done by that person to save his health. How much importance a person gives to his health. 

When I am using the word health, I am not only talking about physical health, it also includes mental health. You all know that without a brain our body is just a machine without control, and a machine without control is completely useless.

Just imagine any modern machine, for example, computer, what if the CPU is removed from the computer. Will he do that, not sure. Similarly, mental health, physical health, as well as, or more useful can be said that many times. 

Nearly a decade ago, people did not need to talk about health. There was a natural environment everywhere, people were aware and healthy too. But today when the natural environment has become extinct, everyone has become ill. All the people present on the campus are ill and I can prove this factually.

You must have heard that the big players take a break from the game if they are not healthy, but do you know that when a player takes a break from the game by giving a reason for being unwell, at that time he will be many times more than us. Is healthy.

We are not as healthy as those players but on average we are not healthy. There is no fault of yours in this, it is the misfortune of human age, the mentality of the people has only been earned.

They only want to spend their one minute experimenting to raise unnecessary money. But they do not know, or perhaps do not know, to the extent that they are making themselves ill. If we look at the data, it is seen that the average duration of human life is decreasing day by day. Earlier it used to be 80 years, then 70 years and now it is only 60 years.

We all know this and have taken this mindset that it is average. But this is a problem to note. This problem is hidden among the extermination of humans. The lives of generations to come will be shorter because they will not be aware, and how will they be, when you, that is, their ancestors, are not even aware of them at all. 

Respected audience, I have told you the consequences of losing health on a personal and global level, but I will not discuss only the ill effects or problems. There is no problem in the world that cannot be solved and the problem of health is very easy to solve. You have to take some time out of your busy daily life.

The biggest root of health problems is hidden in food and drink. Today, 100 years ago a natural diet ate, and diet in today's world is also machined. You may think that by putting the time in the field, matured grains are more beneficial, or forcibly matured grains in the machine.

The problem is not limited to cereals alone, the number of such food items in the market has also increased, which is a staunch enemy of health. We eat these foods with a pungent finish. This is a big problem and for the first solution, do not eat such a diet. Eat healthily, be healthy. 

Another reason to lose health early is in today's busy era we do not have time to exercise. Respected listeners, we have been eating unnecessary and health-less diets continuously for many years. This type of diet has accumulated a lot of fat in our body which is jamming our body.

Our daily life also passes by sitting in front of the computer. Students also have to sit and read for hours. This is why our body is not able to show much activity. Allow only 30 to 60 minutes of exercise throughout your day. It must Asrkar and will see the result of years later when will all your lost partner health. 

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